IMFS Global EduFest

Branding. Events. Print. Social.

IMFS, awarded as the best Foreign Education Consultancy, started hosting their annual Global EduFest from 2013. A great opportunity for students to interact and meet university representatives, and understand more about the programs they offer. Renowned universities from the US, like the New York University, Syracuase University, San Jose State University, SUNY Binghamton and other top universities from all across the globe are a part of the IMFS Global EduFest. We have seen student foot-falls as high as 6000+ in this one day fest. We’ve been instrumental in conceptualizing the EduFest along with the IMFS team, and helping them every year with the communication and advertising needs for both digital and offline. Starting from Mumbai, the IMFS Global EduFest has spanned across Pune, Bangalore, Mangalore, Manipal, and soon to reach other parts of India.